Belting does not always mean screaming!

Everyone wants to belt and I don’t blame them.  Its modern singing.  No one really uses their classical singing voice in pop music anymore.  In fact, they haven’t for a really long time.  So why aren’t there more teachers teaching belting?  Because it scares them.  People think belting means screaming, but it doesn’t.  The most widely accepted definition of belting is carrying the chest register (in females that low manly voice) above its natural break (E to F above middle C) at a loud volume.  But how do we define loud volume?  No one has a standard answer.  But I can tell you this, its not screaming.  Screaming (i.e. pushing your voice to 110%) is not only a great way to give yourself vocal damage, but it also doesn’t sound good.  But young singers think that they have to belt to be good and therefore sing 110% almost the entire length of the song.  But professional belters don’t do that.  They do sing really loud sometimes, but not all of the time.  Otherwise, where’s the variation?  Where are the emotional ups and downs in the story?  Where is the build-up to the extreme high note we’ve all been waiting for?  If you sing at 110% the entire song, all of that is missing.  This is where a great vocal coach comes in handy.  Learning how to craft a song, how to delay the big power belt until the climax of the song, and learning how to use multiple colors of your voice are the right steps towards sounding like a pro.  Impressing people by taking your voice to 110 decibels (the volume level of a chainsaw) is not.  It just makes you sound like a chainsaw (and yes I have actually measured screamers at 105-110 decibels in my studio and I’m sorry but they sound like a machine not a human).  So watch these videos below, note how they craft their song and hold out on the big belt until certain special parts of the song.  Their voice does not sound classical the rest of the time, it sounds contemporary, talkative, and at times like a medium volume belt, because the true masters can get that belt like quality at medium volume as well as loud.

And by the way she can sing legit too!


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